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About the Author

Scott E. Blumenthal is the author of The Kiss: A Novel (TouchMark Press), which received the International Book Award for Historical Fiction and the IPPY Gold Medal for Historical Fiction. Scott is also the author of numerous children's books, including the acclaimed A Kid's Mensch Handbook (Behrman House).

Scott’s new projects include The Compleat Dad, a satirical parenting manual and podcast; A Jew on Pluto, a shocking exposé of—among other things—the lack of decent whitefish salad beyond Earth’s atmosphere; and The Whale’s Belly, a collection of short pieces that has allowed Scott to embrace the Internet’s discomfort with apostrophes in web addresses.

Seriously, though. Scott, an educational publishing veteran who’s served as Editorial Director and Senior Editor for leading edpubs, is totally fine with the fact that web addresses pretty much ignore apostrophes. He hardly even thinks about it.

A native Long Islander who lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children, Scott would actually prefer if we just stopped talking about the whole apostrophe thing altogether, to be completely honest. Really not that big a deal to him. It's just that it wouldn't kill the Internet to retain some basic punctuation. That's all he’s saying.

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Photo: Carla Birnbaum

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