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Three Reasons Not To Read This Book



Temperatures on Pluto can reach as low as -400 Fahrenheit, so you'll want to pack your winter sweater. Unless you want pneumonia for six weeks like your cousin Barbara.

You made it! So glad you’re coming along for the ride.


So here’s the scoop:


I’ll be posting chapters, as they’re ready, right here at scotteblumenthal/pluto. If you’d like to be notified when new content is available, ***.


Next up:

A Jew on Pluto

Chapter 1: Does This Torah Make Me Look Fat?




[sidebar: Plutonian Point/Counterpoint]

Point: Each person’s religious views are ‘correct’ within the context of his or her community’s shared experience and belief system.

Counterpoint: I hear what you’re saying. At the same time, I’m preeeeeeety sure I’m right.






Scott E. Blumenthal is a former Hebrew school principal, editor for the leading publisher of Jewish educational materials, and author of numerous Jewish children’s books that are used begrudgingly in classrooms across the country, including The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt and A Kid’s Mensch Handbook.


JoP is about a committed cynic who  himself turned -believer, professionally speaking, and the wacky hijinks that ensued. It’s about an Earth Jew who endeavored to break free of Judaism’s orbit, only to find himself drawn yet harder by its gravitational pull—by its best self, by its warmest corners, and by—as these things often go—its two most beautiful women.


A Jew on Pluto can help confirm [what you’ve always suspected:] that you’re far from alone in the universe.

Scott is…on-again, off-again relationship with its gravitational pull.

Who Knew

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