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"Kiss Talks"

An unforgettable experience for your book club, book store, study group, and more.

Writing The Kiss was a ten-year journey that began with a seemingly impossible challenge: to find survivors of a community that was wiped out in a two-day massacre in 1941.


There were invaluable guides along the way: A renowned musician. A controversial Holocaust theologian. A page from a 75-year-old phone book.


But the search for even a single survivor seemed impossible.


Then, an incredible series of coincidences led to an extraordinary group of survivors who would breathe life into The Kiss—and inspire the message at its heart: Each of us has a gift—and with it, the power to change the world.

“Scott’s presentation was nothing short of brilliant.”

—Mark Graham

“Scott’s story of how he wrote the book is almost as remarkable as the book itself. Quite an experience.”
—Chuck Sumner
“I’m still reeling from the backstory of The Kiss.” —Elana Scheiner

“Scott captivated his audience and fueled discussion after. What he said is not easily forgotten.” —Mary Barnard

“A wonderful presentation today to a packed house. Scott is as terrific a speaker as he is a writer.”
—Mary Scott

“Scott’s visit was incredible. We were mesmerized.” —Holly Kaufher


"Scott’s presentation was nothing short of brilliant."  —Mark Graham

"Scott’s presentation was nothing short of brilliant."  —Mark Graham

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